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“Import” and “Export” are two fundamental terms in international trade that refer to the movement of goods and services across national borders:
Importing involves bringing goods or services into a country from another country. When a business or individual purchases products or services from a foreign supplier and brings them into their own country for consumption or resale, it is considered an import. Importing allows countries to access goods that may not be locally available or are more cost-effective from international sources.
Exporting, on the other hand, involves sending goods or services from one country to another for sale or consumption. When a business or individual sells products or services to customers in foreign countries, it is considered an export. Exporting is essential for countries to tap into international markets and increase their revenue by selling goods and services to consumers in other countries.

Both import and export play vital roles in the global economy, fostering international trade and cooperation between nations. Governments and businesses engage in import and export activities to access a wider range of products, optimize production costs, and strengthen economic ties with other countries. International trade also allows for the exchange of knowledge, culture, and technology between nations, leading to overall economic growth and development.

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